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Metal Solutions

Metal Solutions is a mid-size metal fabricator with a fast-growing  business. The business is run by a woman named Melissa, who heard about Jeronimo Creative from a former colleague. Melissa contacted me because she wanted to update Metal Solution’s website. The website she had wasn’t as easy to update as she had been hoping for.

What I did

Melissa and I discussed what she was wanted in a revamped site—tone, style, color palette. The more we talked about what she wanted, the more it became clear to her that the logo she was using wasn’t going to fit her vision of the new site.

At that point,
our conversation evolved to the broader topic of a new visual identity. Visual identity is more than a logo. It is the collection of colors, symbols, shapes, typefaces, layouts, and images that communicate a brand to outsiders. A new brand identity would be what bring the new website to life. So I asked her the question I always ask when we’re doing a new visual identity: “What kind of business do you want to be?” And the answer, based on the ideas she shared with me, was essentially “Flashdance meets Star Wars.”

Can I tell you how great it is to have a vivid image like that in my mind when I’m designing? It makes it so much easier for me to give my clients exactly what they’re looking for. If you decide you need a visual identity, we’ll work together to come up with the right aspirational phrase for your project, too.

For Metal Solutions, Melissa decided she wanted the following:
  • A new logo
  • A new visual identity
  • Business cards
  • A capabilities leave-behind
  • A marketing brochure
  • A marketing presentation
  • A photo shoot that captured the equipment, employees at work, and headshots for her

The Results

Melissa got what she was looking for—her website looks modern and inviting, the kind of website that a business that ensures its clients get cutting-edge expertise and the latest technology would have. That particular look sets Metal Solutions apart from its competitors. (Plus, if you listen closely, you can almost hear Irene Cara singing, “What a feeling…”)

The upshot is Melissa is thrilled.

As a small business owner, having someone that can deliver the entire package at affordable pricing is like finding gold at the end of the rainbow.  Another plus is he is very personable and makes the entire experience very comfortable! 

She decided she wanted to put me on retainer, which is monthly fee to cover future work. With the retainer, she’s been able to use me to update the website, take new photos, and create new materials for her. She picked the monthly amount that suited her needs, and having the fee be monthly makes it easier to budget for it.
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