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Liquid Vibes

Liquid Vibes is a perfect example of a magical client journey. Garret and Jami came to me looking for a logo for their great brand name. They have a coffee truck based in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania that does a lot of event work there and in and around Pittsburgh. So, great business, great product, and an exciting opportunity for me.

What I did

I began like I always do, asking questions and listening, trying to understand their business. I asked about their brand strategy. I asked about their goals. I asked what kind of voice and personality they wanted to have with their customers. 

After discussing their goals, Garret and Jami decided they wanted more than just a logo. They also wanted a website that captured the essence of their business and a visual identity to go along with that.

Just to be clear,
I don’t pressure clients into additional work—ever. I’m very happy to do just a logo or just a photo session or whatever it is you want. I’m here to support you. But small business owners don’t often get a chance to talk about their business and goals with others, and I think that sometimes that kind of conversation helps bring a bigger vision into focus for them. I love seeing clients get excited about possibilities! 

After our talk, I laid out a potential work plan for Garret and Jami to review. The plan included a logo, a website redesign, and business cards. They approved the plan, and, two weeks later,  I was sharing a handful of logo options with them.  Garret and Jami instantly gravitated to one version of the logo, the one they ended up with. It fit the laid-back, slightly retro vibe they wanted to be known for. And, of course, the color palette immediately gets your mouth watering for a hot cup of Joe.

The Results

The results speak for themselves. Their website  is just the right mix of business and personal. The logo is eye-catching and memorable. They’ve even begun to use it on a tee shirt. Garret and Jami are happy to have created a strong brand presence that welcomes and engages their customers. They reach out to me regularly with website updates they’d like me to make. The changes aren’t enough to make a retainer agreement necessary, but they know they can count on me to make small changes quickly and for a reasonable price
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