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Krista's Deli

Krista arrived, guns a-blazing. Her deli was opening in a little over a month and she knew exactly what she wanted, which was pretty much everything I offer. She had a logo she loved, but she needed a website, a visual identity, a wide range of food and location photos for social media, a social media strategy, a menu design, and in-store signage. Good thing I like a challenge.

What I did

I started like I always do, by asking questions about the business and her goals. I knew I wanted to take photos of the food that would make a person want to stop what they’re doing, hop in their car, and drive straight to Krista’s Deli, but the visual identity was going to be a little trickier. When I work with an existing logo that’s already capturing its brand essence well, my goal is to ensure the other design choices I make support that.

I worked closely with Krista to understand the kind of brand she wanted to present to the public. “Fresh and delicious” had to be at the forefront. “Locally sourced” was important, too, because all the ingredients and products at Krista’s Deli are from the Pittsburgh area. Finally, “experienced” had to play a role. Krista has been in the food business for over twenty years.

Armed with a better understanding of where Krista wanted to go, I got to work.

First, I prepared draft mood boards for the website. We reviewed them together and I listened attentively to Krista’s comments. Then it was time for photography. I scheduled a half-day shoot =on a day the shop was closed. Krista made the food, and I curated the shots—when I wasn’t stuffing myself silly, that is. The pictures came out great.
With an agreed vision for the website and the photos to go with it, I built the site that sells Krista’s food as well as the store’s special welcoming ambiance. From there it was onto supporting materials—menus, in-store signage, etc. Finally, I developed a social media strategy for Krista that would raise the awareness of her business.

Why does a business need a strategy for social media? Isn’t just plain old posting enough? Yes and no. Posting regularly is definitely going to raise your profile more than not posting. But if you want your posts to have the biggest impact, to draw the right eyeballs, to deliver maximum value for your effort, you need a strategy—about what to post, when to post, and how often to post. It’s not all “Buy this, buy this, buy this.” With the right strategy for your business, you’ll increase your followers and see results faster

The Results

Krista is very happy with the work I did for her. Customers say, “I saw the new sandwich on Instagram!” or “I found you on social media!” She’s so happy, in fact, that we created a monthly retainer agreement, which means I regularly shoot new photos for her, update her marketing materials, and produce an e-newsletter for her most loyal customers. [ Since she pays the same amount per month, she doesn’t have to worry about a big budget hit.
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