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Nails on Point

One of my favorite clients. Nails on Point opened two years ago. Since nails are a visual medium, Jessica and Alissa, the owners, wanted to make a big impression on social media. I created the tools they needed to do that easily. 

What I did

I created a website design, a social media strategy, and social media templates for them. But you need more than words and illustrations to catch a person’s eye, so I brought them and their whole team in for a photo shoot. Yes, I know everyone hates to have their pictures taken, but I’m a master at making even the most camera-shy people feel at ease.

Working with Jonathan is like working with a business partner. He cares about the success of your business just as much as you do! His work with pictures and graphic design is nothing less than perfection! We absolutely love working with Jonathan!

These photos plus the social graphics and the photos the team were already taking of their clients finished nails were the last pieces they needed to set social media on fire. 
I also created a new website and business cards that matched the rest of their branding.
Nails on Point Website.png
NailsOnPoint Business Card-01.png
In Jessica and Alissa’s case, they wanted to run their day-to-day social media posts. Not all clients do, and we can work it either way. I gave them a strategy to follow to help them develop a strong posting cadence, a range of brand-forward social media templates, and all our great photos. That was all they needed. 
Check out their Instagram feed here. Can you see how everything looks like it’s a single brand? More important, can you see how the brand really fits their team’s personality? (They know how to have a good time.) That’s what I can do for your brand—make it fit your business in an authentic, original way.
Nails On POint Social Feed-01.png

The Results

Nails on Point frequently hears from clients that a post caught their eye and enticed them to find out more. Jessica and Alissa liked the work I did for her so much, they wanted even more material for social media, so we worked out a retainer agreement where I refresh the photos and social media templates regularly. They have the cost build into their monthly budget, which makes it easier for them to manage.
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