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Photo Session: The Nettleship's

I met this lovely couple, Paula and Ian, a few weeks into quarantine when I was taking my dog on a walk. It turns out they live right down the street from us and we got to talking about what each of us does and how we were adjusting to a COVID world. As luck would have it, Paula was getting ready to redesign her jewelry brand and hired me to re-design her logo and website (be sure to follow check out Designs2c , her work is AMAZING!).

I was then able to take these photos for her and her husband in celebration of their 31st wedding anniversary in their gorgeous backyard (that’s right, we did not fly to shoot these on location at an English garden). This shoot was so much fun and I was able to capture what I love capturing the most: the in-between moments when you are not looking at the camera. The moments where you can see the love that two people have for each other.

These projects have taught me two things - we picked the right street to live on and puppies are great for business development 😉

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