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Small Businesses Helping Small Businesses

One of the biggest reasons I first started Jeronimo Creative was to work with other small businesses like myself.

I wanted to help them develop and grow their brands, share and promote their services and products to their community and help them stand out in the crowd. I love working directly with them to understand their products and services and help them tell their story of what makes them unique. Whether we are just creating something as simple as an Instagram post or something as large as an entire brand from scratch, every project reminds me of why I love what I do. I have been lucky to work with some amazing, creative and all-around great people this year. Especially during this pandemic, I have been in awe of how many businesses have reinvented themselves to keep serving and supporting the Pittsburgh community.

This unprecedented time has only strengthened my dedication to working with these businesses Thanks for trusting Jeronimo to tell your story!

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