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Logo Design: Love It or Hate It

Logo design. Loved and dreaded by graphic designers AND clients.

How many designers have had a client has ask "I want it to be like Apple's logo" or "Could we make the logo bigger?" or "Can we make it look like my competitors logo?" How many clients have said "The designer doesn't seem to be understanding what I am looking for" or "This design really doesn't represent my company" or "I am not happy with this but I just need something quick."

Here is the thing, no one is right or wrong. The client knows their business and industry better than the designer and the designer knows design and logo best practices better than the client.

A common misrepresentation that happens on both sides is that the client doesn't understand design so won't be happy with anything and that the designer is just interested in making a "art." What both parties need to remember is that this process is a partnership and ongoing conversation.

My point of view when developing a logo for a client is that my job is to design a graphic representation that best reflects my client's business and brand. They know their business best. I do my best to understand their business, market and competitors to deliver them something that both fits and stands out in the crowd. I give my advice, guidance and best practices, but we develop the logo TOGETHER. Do my clients always pick my favorite logo design? No. And that is OK. It's not about what is my favorite. It's about what my client feels best represents them and that they can stand behind.

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