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Why do restaurants and chefs need high quality images of their food? 

Photos taken with your phone can only do so much. By working with a professional food photographer, you will have someone that will be able to style your menu items down to the smallest detail to create the most scroll-stopping image to do justice to the quality of your food. We are able to capture the visual appeal of your product and persuade customers to make their mouths water before they even taste it. High quality images showcase the quality of your food and will grab a customers attention, make their stomachs growl, and make them want to experience what they’re seeing for themselves.

By offering high-quality photos of your menu items, you’re offering customers an idea of what they’ll experience when they dine with you and allowing them to make an accurate judgement about your business. This encourages customers to trust your restaurant and builds lasting loyality. 



Here are some examples of how we can bring your menu to life.


How to decide which session is right for you?

With every client, I do a free, 30-minute consultation call to help us figure out together which type of photo session makes the most sense for you. You might have a smaller menu and need a few of your most popular items captured. Or you may have an extensive menu that includes breakfast/lunch/dinner, catering and other specials. We may also discuss including lifestyle shots of your chefs and/or servers in action, your customers enjoying your food and restaurant atmosphere and some behind the scenes of how it all comes together. These photos can be used in social media marketing, print ads, Yelp and Google and online marketing, your website, on your menu, and everywhere you can reach potential customers and increase brand awareness.

The goal is for these photos to help shape the identity of your restaurant or hospitality business and show customers what you can offer.

Based on what we learn in this consultation, we can then decide the right package for you. 


Food Photography Packages


All food photography sessions include the photographer's time and talent, a food stylist, creative consultation, props as needed and post-production editing and client's digital & print rights to photos. 

One-Hour Session
Number of Dishes: Up to 7 menu items
What You Get
: 25-40 retouched photos
Investment: $475

Two-Hour Session
Number of Dishes: Up to 12 menu items
What You Get: 50-75 retouched photos
Investment: $675


Three-Hour Session
Number of Dishes: Up to 17 menu items
What You Get
: 75-100 retouched photos
Investment: $800

Half-Day Session
Number of Dishes: Up to 25 menu items
What You Get: 100-150 retouched photos
Investment: $950

Full-Day Session
Number of Dishes: Up to 50 menu items
What You Get: 200-300 retouched photos
Investment: $1,500


Mini Food Photography Package Subscriptions 
Smaller, one-hour food photography sessions are available for EXISTING clients that are looking to keep their content fresh throughout the year. These are only offered to client's that have had a food photo session in the past. A minimum of 3 mini shoots must be committed to in order to receive the mini shoot pricing for the year. Perfect for restaurants that regularly adding new menu items, seasonal specials or are looking to spread out their content development through the year. 

Duration: 1 hour
Number of Dishes: 5 to 7 menu items
What You Get: 25 to 40 retouched photos
Investment: $400 per mini shoot (4-shoot minimum)

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