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Social Distance Cards

These past few weeks has been a rollercoaster. We have been thinking more and more of the people who are at home now without things like FaceTime, being able to text pictures back and forth or able to see what everyone is up to on social media.


Thinking about this so much inspired our new idea - Social Distance Cards. Personalized cards mailed out to loved ones to brighten up their day - think holiday cards, but during a quarantine ;) 



















$25 for the design and digital copy

Card Package

$2.50 per print (with $25 design/digital charge)

Includes 5x5 card, addressed envelopes, assembly & postage


Postcard Package

$1.00 per print with $25 design/digital charge)

Includes 4x6 postcard


Step 1
 Choose one of the available templates (see options above) and the package you want - cards or postcards. The card package includes 5x5 cards, addressed envelopes, assembly & postage (we take care of everything!). The postcard package includes a 4x6 printed card sent to you to address and post to your loved ones on your own! 


Step 2
Send us your photos you would like to use on the card along me the addresses of the folks you want to send these to -


Step 3 
For the card package, we take care of the rest! Design the card, get the card and envelopes printed, put the postage on and get them in the mail! Your friends and family will receive the cards in 3 to 5 business days! For the postcard package, we design your card, get them printed and ship them to you within 2 business days! You take it from there and address and send to your friends & family. 

Thanks! We will get back to you soon.

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