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Looking to create a unique brand identity for yourself or your business? We work with you to design a one-of-a-kind identity that helps you and your business stand out show you as best-in-class in your industry.  

The outcome? A custom designed logo and visual identity style guide to help guide you as you expand your brand. 

The Process

Kick-off Discussion

Visual Identity Concept Designs

Align & Finalize Visual Style Guide

Concept Designs

Finalize Logo

Photo Shoot


Brand Launch 


Visual Style Guide

(logo guidelines, fonts, colors, graphic assets, icon family)


(3-5 variations as necessary for materials and digital platforms)

Headshots & Branded Photography


Project typically takes 3 to 5 weeks


With Photoshoot

Start at $800

Without Photoshoot

Start at $500

Real-life Examples

Landscaping Logo
Bakery Logo
Antique Dealer Logo
Bloomfield Neighborhood Logo
Beauty Salon Logo
Housing Development Logo
Opera Singer Logo
Wood Shop Business Logo
Interior Designer Logo
Non-Profit Organization logo
Podcast Logo
Metal Manufacturer Logo
Specialist Logo
Bedding Logo
Painting & Flooring Logo
Wine Distributer Logo