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First off, what is the difference between a headshot session and a branding session?

Every photographer will define these a little differently but in general when we’re talking about headshots, we’re talking about portraits of someone with the purpose of introducing or showcasing that person. Headshots are great for profile images, introducing your team members or employees perhaps on “about us” and “meet the team” webpages or throughout social media. Again, the purpose is to put a face to the name. Headshots are perfect when your goal is to simply introduce someone. 

Branding Photos
Personal branding photography takes headshot photography to the next level and introduces another layer of storytelling and messaging. We have the who behind the business with headshots. With branding photos, we’re introducing the why and telling a story. It's important to set yourself apart by telling the audience something about your personality and style, what your business is, does or values and to help attract your ideal clients. 

Branding photos are much more intentional and therefore are more sophisticated and creative than headshots. The environment, action, poses, props, etc. in the photos are all thoughtful elements of the story you’re telling. Headshots are always a type of image you’ll get during a branding session, but headshots are not always personal branding photos. 


Let me show you the difference.



Brand Photos