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Brand + Digital

Jeronimo Creative Brand Package

I work with you to create a visual identity for your business or personal brand  by defining and showcasing what makes it special. I help you tell a cohesive visual story from beginning to end by creating a design structure that attracts and resonates with your customers. I then document what we learn in a brand style guide that help us create a foundation for everything we create together.

From there, I bring your story to life, both digitally and in-person. I ensure that your brand is more than a logo. What does this look like? Making your brand come alive through your marketing collateral, your website, your social channels, in your storefront and more. 

The Process

Kick-off Discussion

Develop Visual Identity Concepts (3-5 options)

Align & Finalize Visual Style Guide and Logo

Photo Shoot

Create Brand Materials

Create Social Content Assets and Templates

Website Design & Development

Brand Launch


Visual Style Guide

(logo guidelines, fonts, colors, graphic assets, icon family)


(3-5 variations as necessary for materials and digital platforms)

Marketing Materials

(Up to 3 materials - business card, one-page brochure, presentation template, packaging template, etc.)

Social Content

(designs, photos and templates for social media channels)

Brand Photography

(headshots, lifestyle photos, product photos)


(size of page varies based on brand or product needs​)


Project typically takes 2 to 3 months


Start at $4,000

Package prices range depending on scale of materials needed.

Real-life Examples