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I build brands for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

If you’re looking for a way to build awareness of your brand on your terms, tailored to your specific needs, Jeronimo Creative is the partner for you.

Jeronimo Creative is a Pittsburgh based branding and content development consultant that specializes in building and marketing brands for small businesses, restaurants and entrepreneurs. 

I offer a full range of services including:

What I Do
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Brand and Creative Strategy

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Graphic and Web Design 

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Social Media Content  Development 

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Brand & Food Photography 

We work together to decide what you need, within your budget. 


Jonathan made it easy for me. Everything about my business looks branded, consistent, and beautiful. And it didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Melissa Monarko,
Metal Solutions, Inc.


I can already see the difference. Customers are seeking us out from social media.

Krista Dietrich,

Krista's Deli.

What's A Brand?

What is a brand?

Some people think a brand is a logo. Some people think only big businesses have brands. But neither is true.


A brand is everything everyone who has ever heard of your business thinks of it. And even as a small business owner, you can control your brand by ensuring it presents an eye-catching and authentic view of what you do and who you are. With Jeronimo Creative, your brand will look like you, not like anyone else. 

Branding is the easiest way to become a person your audience wants to know.

I build brands in three steps:

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I get to know your business.

No one can build a brand they don’t understand. I find out about you, your goals, your audience, your strengths, your weaknesses, your vision.

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I tailor a solution and you review it.

You decide what you want and the pace you want to move.

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I help you implement the plan.

That can mean anything from designing a new logo to creating a marketing and social media strategy for you to follow to marketing your brand for you so that you can concentrate on running your business. 

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Jeronimo Creative is different than other creative agencies

because I’m big enough to give you virtually all the marketing services you could want, but I’m small enough that you’re working with me on all aspects of your project. And as a small business owner, I know exactly what you’re going through and where you need to go.

Project Highlights

How I've helped other small businesses

Nails On Point

One of my favorite clients. Nails on Point opened three years ago.


Since nails are a visual medium, Jessica and Alissa, the owners, wanted to make a big impression on social media. I created the tools they needed to do that easily

Nails on Point Website.png

Metal Solutions

Metal Solutions is a mid-size metal fabricator with a fast-growing business. The business is run by a woman named Melissa, who heard about Jeronimo Creative from a former colleague.


Melissa contacted me because she wanted to update Metal Solution’s website. The website she had wasn’t as easy to update as she had been hoping for.

Liquid Vibes

Liquid Vibes is a perfect example of a magical client journey.


Garret and Jami came to me looking for a logo for their great brand name. They have a coffee truck based in Elizabeth, PA that does a lot of event work there and in and around Pittsburgh. So, great business, great product, and an exciting opportunity for me.

Jeronimo_Social Content_2021_Q1-12_edite
Kristas Deli Social Feed-01.png

Krista's Deli

Krista arrived, guns a-blazing. Her deli was opening in a little over a month and she knew exactly what she wanted, which was pretty much everything I offer.


She had a logo she loved, but she needed a website, a visual identity, a wide range of food and location photos for social media, a social media strategy, a menu design, and in-store signage...and she needed them quick! Good thing I like a challenge

Want to see more of my work? 

Take a look at logo design, websites, brand photography and food photography that I have developed for over 75 Pittsburgh entrepreneurs, small businesses and restaurants.  


Logo and Visual Identity Design


Website Design & Development


Brand & Headshot Photography

IMG_5861 (1).jpg

Food & Product Photography

The Process

How we might work together

You reach out

We have an initial discussion on the phone where you tell me about your business and what it’s missing or what you’re looking for. You ask questions. I ask questions. Sometimes we set up a longer follow-up call.

The magic happens!

For a logo, this might be me sharing a range of choices for you to react to. For social media templates, this might be me presenting different ideas, just to hear you what you think. For a photography project, this is the actual shoot day. There’s always a discussion of what you like and don’t like. I incorporate your feedback into all my work.

I put what was said on paper and send it to you

I want to make sure I understand the challenge you want to solve. Do you want to build awareness or loyalty? Am I supplementing brand materials you’ve already developed or starting from scratch? How big a photo shoot do you want? When you say I have it right, I begin to work on a plan and a cost estimate.

I share the results

You give me more feedback. We’re getting closer to a final product, but every detail needs to present your brand as you want it to be presented.

I present the plan, timeline, and estimate

You tell me what you like and don’t like. We adjust the plan together and ensure it fits your budget.

I give you a roadmap for how to implement

This is the last step. I ensure you understand the plan and how to implement it. My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you. Once you begin, I’m always available to answer questions or refresh your skills. 

I begin to work

This is when the fun begins. I begin to put the project in motion. If I’m creating new branding, this might be mood board so that we can talk colors, emotion, and what your brand stands for. If I’m planning a photo shoot, I recommend a location, whether or not we need a stylist, whether or not we need props. If I’m creating a social media strategy, this might be an inventory of what’s happening online with you and your competitors. If this is social media content, I might talk with you about what we’d be trying to get out of a photo shoot.

If you want, I can do the implementation for you.

That’s right. If you want me to grow the brand, implement the strategy, be the social media maven, I can do it. We just work that into the plan.

About Me

I live in Mt. Lebanon with my  wife, our rescue dog, and our three-year old son.  


After a career that has spanned corporations, consumer product companies, small businesses, and ad agencies, I started Jeronimo Creative so I could combine my passions—branding, graphic design, and photography—into a one-stop-shop for clients.  


I have 15+ years’ experience in brand and creative management, graphic design, and lifestyle and commercial photography.


I love to deliver innovative and creative ideas while always making sure my clients and I have a good time along the way.


About Me

My Partners


Nina Gleason
Food Creative & Stylist

Ever see a picture and want to be able to take a bite of what you are seeing? That is where the styling magic of Nina Gleason comes into play. She helps create the most authentic stories for our client's photo content through her creativity and styling expertise.

Learn more about Nina Gleason


Gwyn Cready

When a writing-heavy project comes my way or I need to hit just the right voice for a client, I tap into the expertise of Gwyn Cready, a communications professional and another Pittsburgh entrepreneur.

Learn more about Gwyn Cready


Sarah Weber

For certain projects, I collaborate with Sarah Weber of Sweb Marketing, another local Pittsburgh entrepreneur. Sarah specializes in digital marketing strategy, media buying and copywriting. With Sweb Marketing, I can ensure even the most multi-channel projects have the support they need with Sarah on the team.

Learn more about Sweb Marketing


Ashley Hooper
Stylist | Hair | Makeup

Ashley is a top-notch stylist, hair dresser and  make-up artist. By day, she is a healthcare professional and by evenings and weekends she is a beauty guru to Jeronimo Creative's clients. She’s been a great addition to some of my shoots, and clients appreciate the confidence that comes from knowing they look their best.

Interested in taking a leap?

Thanks! I will get back to you soon.

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